‘CHILDRENS FILM TRILOGY’ consists of three feature films, directed by Sohan Lal, titled as ‘The Great Indian Road Movie’(2018), ‘Appuvinte Sathyanweshanam/Appu in search of truth’(2019) and ‘Swapnangal Pookkunna Kaadu/Trees in Dreams’(2020) respectively.

The first film of this series -‘The Great Indian Road Movie’(2018) – depicts the travels of a young child across seventeen states of India. This is the biggest pan Indian Road Movie ever produced.

The second film – features the mental conflict of a nine-year-old boy to choose between the right and wrong. This movie shows the influence and relevance of Gandhian values in new generation.

The third film -‘Trees in Dreams’ – portraits a child, who is affected by the commonly diagnosed psychological disorder among children known as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). This motivational movie also handles the present day environmental issues.

  • The Trailers
  • The Great Indian Road Movie – Trailer
  • Appu in Search of truth – Trailer
  • Trees in Dreams – Trailer

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